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Shiva - 88 Vj Video Clips

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Shiva - 88 Vj Video Clips

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Shiva, God of Destruction and Creation. Destroyer of the universe at the end of each cycle that allows for a new Creation to born and re-born. For he, is the god of ALL, the god of devils and angels, the god of the 2 polarities, sees thru all lifeforce for what they are without judgment. For no Creation would be possible, if he does not embrace the polarities into ONE. Om Namah Shivaya. O Lord have mercy and guide us to the light!

There are 88 video clips and this number is the embrace of the infinite cycle we are all apart of, if you see the number 8 rotated you are going to see the infinite symbol. This pack is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his love for the universe and all of creation. I hope this pack helps you complete some life journey for a new cycle to be born within you. Thank you for being here!

88 Video Loops with a total playtime of:

18 min or sec 1056

  • Number of Videos: 88
  • Frame Rate: 30
  • Resolution:
    1. 4K (3840x2160)
    2. HD (1920x1080)

Video codecs in the pack:

  1. Quicktime ProRes422 (.mov)
  2. H.264/MPEG-4 (.mp4)
  3. DXV-3 (.mov)
  4. HAP (.mov)
  5. Thumbnails (.png)

For any questions, contact me at:

These Vj Loops are released under Creative Commons license. Free to use in any Non-Commercial or Commercial Work.

Cannot be resold without permission

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